South Carroll High School, Sykesville, MD

South Carroll High School, Sykesville, MD

Created by South Carroll High School, Sykesville, MD

Artists: Taran, Savannah, Maddie

Title: A Path to Freedom

Teacher: Mrs. Payne

Theme: Freedom

Materials and techniques: We used traditional paintbrushes and miscellaneous objects to create our painting. We painted patterns in order to create depth in layers of paint and visual curiosity.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes! My favorite part was the first two layers, the process allowed us to make our figures stand out and not be flat.

About: One of our team members liked the theme of freedom, and we all agreed to work with that one. We googled images of freedom and they were all about people with their arms out so we created a design with that type of image. During a class discussion a comment was made that our picture looked like a quilt square and someone shared that directions for the Underground Railroad would be hidden in quilt designs. From that discussion we decided to add the North Star and Big Dipper constellation, as seen in the different seasons, symbolizing a path to freedom.


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April 13, 2017