South Carroll High School, Sykesville, MD

South Carroll High School, Sykesville, MD

Created by South Carroll High School, Sykesville, MD

Artists: Leslie and Rachel

Title: Breaking Free

Teacher: Mrs. Payne

Theme: Freedom

Materials and techniques: We used paint. We used our fingers layering patterns and cut out stencils for the images.

Did you enjoy this project? This isn’t my favorite style of painting but I enjoyed the process.

About: The theme of freedom relates to us because we are already free. We included the silhouette of John Brown, birds, and a birdcage and slaves. We used the birdcage and birds to symbolize the freeing of the slaves. We included John Brown because it was his acts that started the country in the direction of fighting to free the slaves. We chose to place the dark colors on the bottom of the composition and the lighter colors on the top with the images on the darker half representing the darker part of our history and the lighter part, freedom and what we fought for.


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April 13, 2017