Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Created by Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Artists: Elizabeth and Gretchen

Title: The View

Teacher: Mrs. Goldsmith

Theme: Harper’s Ferry Project

Materials and techniques: Graphite pencil, acrylic paint and Prisma colored pencils.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, considering Elizabeth was a backup artists who took up the art project three days before it was to be mailed, she managed to dedicate herself to the cause. Elizabeth also enjoyed collaborating with regards to the topical added coloration using colored Prisma pencils, she was amazed at how they worked much like paint only more controlled and easy to apply.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth is a 3D artists trained to manipulate clay and other 3D materials. When she took this project on, she was concerned she’d not be able to produce a beautiful replica from the Harper’s Ferry area. She was so excited by her accomplishment that she invited her Mother & visiting grandmother into the Art Studio to view her work. They were terribly proud! A tweet was sent out on twitter to share with the school, Elizabeth’s excitement and the images of all 4 pieces created.

About: This painting was inspired by the beauty located in the Harper’s Ferry region. The fall leave are suggestive of change over time, an analogy to freedom of man breaking away from enslavement.

The church spire in the foreground is suggestive that some individuals find peace & “freedom” from ill thoughts, difficult times and as well as the good times, through their belief in a higher power offering spiritual strength. Nature, God, unity of people is symbolized through the many shades of fall foliage. The distant bridge signified man’s enduring desire to move forward, offering a new beginning and change.


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April 27, 2017