Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Created by Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Artists: Chase and Gretchen

Title: Excellence

Teacher: Mrs. Goldsmith

Theme: Harper’s Ferry piece “From Shackles to Scholars”

Materials and techniques: Acrylic paint, charcoal, and Prisma pencil.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes. Chase enjoyed thinking through the piece and working in the theme so as to make a strong correlation between past & present. Also, the mixed media addition strengthened the overall underlying image such that it provided more depth, detail and emotion. Varied colors used throughout suggest that all colors are necessary in art, as in life, when looking for successful result. In the case of this art piece, success was met through theme & artistic collaboration through mixed media.

About: This piece epitomizes the strength, perseverance, determination and drive possible through belief that no matter how much pain, suffering or adversity an individual or group of individuals endures through time, success is possible!

The theme “From Shackles to Scholars” is depicted in this modern day image of man overcoming the past bondage of slavery and repression (chains) juxtaposed with the impressive accomplish of earning a University degree (clenched diploma).

The “University” text on the diploma scroll is deliberately divided by the man’s hand so as to also suggest the word “Unity”, as in all people or all colors unite to better themselves through higher education, without discrimination based on color, creed, religion or social class.

The blue space behind the figure depicts endless opportunity in a positive light; blue sky also yield happiness and optimism in people.


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April 27, 2017