Walkersville High School, Walkersville, MD

Walkersville High School, Walkersville, MD

Created by Walkersville High School, Walkersville, MD

Artists: Molly and Sue

Title: Shackled Fists of Bondage

Teacher: Mrs. Maseth

Theme: Shackled Hands

Materials and techniques: We painted with acrylic paints, colored ink and watercolor and marker. We used pipe cleaners, ribbon, and cord to apply with hot glue to the painted surfaces.

Did you enjoy this project? We enjoyed it and can’t wait to go see it on display!!!

About: This was the first of a set of pieces done by our advanced art students. We used photos taken at Harper’s Ferry and did landscape paintings then we tied it together with a metamorphosis from shackled fists to broken chains then to free birds and open hands/ graduation hats! Each piece is visually connected to the next. There are eleven students that contributed to the project.


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April 13, 2017