Shepherdstown Middle School, Shepherdstown, WV

Shepherdstown Middle School, Shepherdstown, WV

Created by Shepherdstown Middle School, Shepherdstown, WV

Artists: Rico, David, Chase

Title: Untitled

Teacher: Mrs. MacKinnon

Theme: Equality

Materials and techniques: We created our artwork by painting and using stamps. First we painted the flags and we splattered paint over it and lastly we stamped. The big idea of my artwork is “Healing through History”. This artwork taught me how to splatter paint and stamp with paint. My artwork turned out exactly how I expected. It is amazing in my eyes.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, we enjoyed working on this project.

About: The goal of this project was to show how much the conflict between races has healed and I believe that we did. The colors in our art are the colors of the African flag (red, black, and green) and the colors of the American flag (red, white, and blue) to show that these two civilizations have in a way been molded together. I also tried to point out the fact that America is not completely healed yet but that it still can be done by incorporating the inspiring thought of Dr. Martin Luther King.


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April 12, 2017