Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD

Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD

Created by Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD

Artist: Gabriella

Title: Self Evident Truths

Teacher: Mrs. Stanton

Theme: Freedom

Materials and techniques: Acrylic paint, magazine cut outs, Harper’s Ferry map, and printed images from internet.

Did you enjoy this project? I really loved working on this project because I really loved the message of the contest and the ideas that came with it. It allowed me to take my obsession with detail onto a new level.

About: My artwork is about looking at the common struggles, like oppression and discrimination that African Americans have faced in American history and have prevailed. It’s to contrast the past with the present to work with where we’ve been from which is seen in the tree. The future is what we are all going to. It is a truth that is self-evident, but something that African Americans had to prove. The angels represent that unbreakable spirit, it represents everyone in the same struggles freed through progress. So, it captures moments in African American history where individuals or groups.


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April 13, 2017