Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Created by Damascus High School, Damascus, MD

Artist: Jessie

Title: Freedom Express

Teacher: Mrs. Goldsmith

Theme: Harper’s Ferry scene

Materials and techniques: Graphite pencil, acrylic paints, and Prisma colored pencils.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes, Jessie planned her work accordingly to the time line provided. She appreciated the extended time as it afforded her the ability to add many more details to her painting. Jessi enjoyed meeting with peers to discuss their proposed ideas. She also enjoyed hearing feedback from all the other art students who take classes in the room, as Mrs. Goldsmith displayed her art prior to sending it to the sponsors. Jessi’s art received much favorable criticism from her peers such as “Man, she can really paint!” It made her feel terrific!

About: Jessie is depicting a historic landscape through her use of grey scale imagery throughout her painting. The train has been rendered red so as to place emphasis on the importance of moving forward past the hardship and suffrage of the slaves form the past. We must never forget our past, no matter how hurtful, ugly, shameful or uncivilized the treatment of others may have been. We must never repeat our past indiscretions, rather, we must move forward as a unified, equal band of human beings..

“Freedom Express” suggests that we are all created equal, deserving of exploring our world with equal rights regardless of race, social status, religious affiliation, etc…

The landscape hugs the train in a way that suggests we, as people of all colors and background, must embrace our past, even if our past caused many pain, suffering and detriment beyond words. The land is neutral in color to also suggest that it belongs to all people and that its ultimate beauty lies in the eyes of those who pass through it.


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April 27, 2017