Clear Spring High School, Clear Spring, MD

Clear Spring High School, Clear Spring, MD

Created by Clear Spring High School, Clear Spring, MD

Artists: Hannah, Josh, Maddi

Title: 2 vs. 13

Teacher: Mr. Edwards

Theme: Freedom

Materials and techniques: We used the canvas given to us and acrylic paint to create the painting.

Did you enjoy this project? Our group really enjoyed trying to be creative and come up with something that somebody else may not think of. It was interesting to work together on a project and we were really excited about the final product.

About: Before we began the project we researched what happened at Harper’s Ferry with John Brown. Since John Brown was hung for treason and murder we created a noose to represent that with the words in red because they were considered his bad qualities. The black words surrounding the noose represent all of the good qualities of John Brown that people who witnessed or we assumed about Brown. We wanted to bring about the two opinions about John Brown during this time, that he was a savior and that he was a murderer.


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April 13, 2017