Boonsboro High School, Boonsboro, MD

Boonsboro High School, Boonsboro, MD

Created by Boonsboro High School, Boonsboro, MD

Artists: Olivia

Title: Breaking Time

Teacher: Mrs. Green

Theme: Education

Materials and techniques: Pen- cross hatching.

Did you enjoy this project? Yes very much. I enjoyed researching the background of Harpers Ferry and even visiting the raid building. I was able to let my creative side show in create a complex, yet simple piece.

About: My artwork is about the time development of education for black people. The top displays John Brown’s raid building with shackles constricting the building to display the tight hold of slavery. At the bottom of the building it begins to disintegrate into sand that flows through the center of the hourglass. The sand from the building goes down to the bottom portion of the hourglass to create a negative border around the profile of a black man with shackles being broken from his mind. This illustrates the bounds that were once help against him. Keeping him from education and creativity.


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April 12, 2017